۞ End-Times Overload ۞

The signs of the arrival of Dajjal are emerging
جن لوگوں نے دجال کے بارے میں پڑھا ہے انکے لئے یہ جاننا آسان ہے کہ دجال کا پورا سسٹم تیار ہو چکا ہے.
انکو لیڈ کریں گے اور زلزے جو آرہے ہیں موسم بدل رہا ہے یہ سب حدیثوں میں آچکا ہے۔ پاکستان میں سیلاب اور زلزلہ ڈینگی یہ سب اسی کا ایک حصہ ہے

When the Mahdi returns to smite Dajjal,
When the Antichrist in his temple of lies
is vanquished by lightning from God’s black skies
as the shuddering stars blink, waver and fall,
When JAH Rastafari, Lord Jesus (and Paul)
With Isaac and Ismael – even Jibril
Cash in on redemption and pay up the bill
(no longer in discord, but harmonized all) -
When the Jinn (and the tonik) have thrown in the towel
as libations are served by the Heavenly Host,
while Apollyon’s watchdog combusts with a howl
and the demons and dhimmicrats give up the ghost -
only then shall we learn not to entertain doubt.
But until that apocalypse: vote the clowns out !


Disappointed Mis-anointings

die verse

Your Messiah is not Christ
my Karma is not your dogma
Their AntiChrist is not the Mahdi
His avatar is not yet manifest
Our Dajjal is not their 12th Imam
Your Brahman is not my Elohim
The Atman is not the God-Man
Your God-Man is Luciferian
Our Lucifer is not their Allah
The Djinn are undocumented
some angels fell
Allah is not Ras Tafari
Their Zion is Babylon
Jerusalem is Egypt or Sodom
Their Angels are ascended Masters
Our Master is your ascended Savior
My Savior is your accuser
Their God is no Savior
His unction is Satanic
The war is spiritual
The Spirit is not obvious
My anointing is carnal
their anointing is moronic
our doctrine is angelic
Your rejection was predestined
our acceptance is divine
Our depravity is documented,
your sanctity is illusory
their power is diabolic
their light is darkness
Their leader is ungodly
Our God is unseemly
His Truth is offensive
The bitter is not sweet
the sweet is unworldly
the world is not heavenly.

Trinity in seven spirits, yet God is One…
Revel in the uncertainty. Have some holy fun
fitting more angels on the pin-head, dancing
before they fall. Rebellion is always entrancing
until the current postmodern theology
hooks up with psycho-sexual linguistic pathology.

Don’t accept my apology.


Evasive Measures

You were telling him about Buddha,
you were telling him about Mohammed in the same breath
You never mentioned one time the Man who came
and died a criminal’s death.
Bob Dylan: Precious Angel

If Christ and His Gospel are offered you
you squirm – then dredge up the gods of the East.
Your act of avoidance  is nothing new -
salvation proposed:  evasion increased.
Waxing socialistic – as if on cue
your blustering is consistent, at least.
you brandish your point of anti-Christ view.
Descending like Darwin: angel to beast.
In Babylon’s gardens you disembark
to deconstruct Noah, the flood, the ark.
On Gilgamesh, Enkidu, in madness
you ramble – and it fills me with sadness.
There is one truth – undiscerned, unadored.
Be still. In silence, acknowledge your Lord.


The Fear of Isaac

 And Jacob sware by the fear of his father Isaac.
    Genesis 31:53

Sharp trauma must have lingered on for good

in Isaac’s silent dazed humanity

halted by heaven; trembling laid on wood

 too young to question father’s sanity.

Was it a light thing? To be thus withstood

 by Jehovah’s awful benignity…

Faltering further up life’s mountain, would

 he carry the damage with dignity?

This just might explain the forty-year wait -

Meditating on the ram, on his fate;

The paralyzing laughter of his name

even after life unveiled in his tents.

A certain hesitation does make sense

in the son  laid out on unkindled flame.