Reactionary Poem


America’s presidents: well deserved

(recall that cowboy Hollywood actor?)

React in vain while your meltdown is served:

let it glow—like a nuclear reactor.

Energy freed: progressively conserved,

in Uranium for all who backed her—

though some who bought it may become unnerved

and see her as less than a benefactor.



Why My Poetry Sucks

The Internet is a strange and fickle thing.

I pride myself on not being swayed by social media. I do not Twitter, Facebook, nor do I Instagram or any use any other similar media. It’s pretty much WordPress, Hello Poetry, and one more poetry site that eat up my time online, along with YouTube of course.

Last Saturday and also on Monday, my blog had more views than usual.
During April, it is usually like that due to National Poetry Month.
I was happy, in a silly stats-driven cybernetic way.
(They say dopamine levels go up with Social Media stats and I believe it).

But I have also noticed that lots of views on one day can give the illusion that people are actually reading poetry blogs. Then yesterday I posted what I believe to be one of my better poems, which I worked on and edited extensively. I posted it earlier in the day than normal, thinking there would be more time for it to get read, and I checked the stats like a maniac . . . to be rewarded with SEVEN views all day, ha ha ha .

Have you ever wondered about blogs showcasing what seems to YOU to be vapid, superficial and carelessly-written poetry receiving hundreds of “likes” while others that display masterful use of wordcraft barely get read?

What does this poetic philosopher have to say to us on the topic?

Feline Frenzy


Put on your pussy hat, grab your Kibbles—

Let that cat out of your bag

Celebrate your business, Womyn

Whether you be sprite or hag . . .

Which is which? You make us wonder

(as you hate on the head-of state)

What you’re packing. Woman-thunder

Promises to titillate.

Lead us men into our future

Show us where we’ve gone astray.

Shine that light of Matriarchy

As we stumble on our way.

Pure emotion lights your gender.

Superficial party-lines

Tie us up. A pussy-bender

Just might straighten out your signs.

Talking-points at intersections

Promise to inflame the game.

Seeking brave new world directions

Ought to shift some blame.


PROMPT #23: write a poem about an animal.

Meditation upon “Annunciation” by Mati Klarwein, 1961

Saharan angels chant their song of abundance before a Cainite altar where the enigmatic artist laughs a jibaro-hippie laugh / Red conga-anima rides the rhythm / signalling to the drowsing Queen of the South lost in a vision at the wall of Jerusalem / she must lift her gaze to heaven / turn from her vanity and behold the celestial sign / Aleph-Alpha the cipher of Messiah / the egg breaks open: flowering zygote of conception / blood of the pomegranate, granada / blood of the goat flayed on the altar of mammon / terraces of chilies exuding fire in the crystalline torpor of a Mexican fishing village / hear the clear salt water at the foot of the stairs / hear the music’s underwater depths / hear the syncopated overcoding of this annunciation / the lilies rise, shoshannim / Shushan the citadel / nomadic deserts of the outer horizon threaten the opulent decadence of the jeweled elephant-headed idol of the world / Orpheus looks back emerging from the portal stairs into the burning light of the living / BEHOLD: Eurydice one last time in perfection and it all vanishes



PROMPT # 22: write a poem that engages with another art form […]
a wonderful painting, film, or piece of music you’ve experienced –
so long as it uses the poem to express something about another form of art.