Marching to Hell

…or is it the awful march to martial law ?

Dedicated to all the enlightened citizens,
and social justice warriors
marching, disrupting,  and having public tantrums
in and around our nation’s capitol
up to and including January 21st.

Auguring Inauguration: Masked back-packing militants descend on DC. The instigators’ antics indicate true agitator’s instincts. When the rest buy it, the best…riot?  Putin set the precedent by rootin’ for the President. As for the protestors — are they seeking to serve justice or just the Secret Service? Joined by thousands of patriot bikers, the black-masked boast of hikers may be lost on a host of bikers. Hmmmm… the silent verve of our veteran friends proves that the violent serve wicked ends. The verge of silence may mean a surge of violence.

While snowflakes melt down, the state will clamp down as militants storm town. Eastern sages know: a mean Taoist turned teen Maoist may raise the base rating for race-baiting just to get a rise. Erasing a different face is not the same as facing a different race (and many of these mad Taoists seem a tad Maoist to me…) Opening the trunk, one forgets that elephants remember: when the mob rules, they rob mules. Democratic icons are stubborn things. Until the bandits are punished let’s banish the pundits to the hinterlands of false news.

It’s inauguration time, Dumbo.


music credit: Daniel Johnston

Martinizing the King


Martin Luther, righteous King,
made the Reformation sing.
Popes and peasants, out of key
turned it into misery.
German beer and Roman crimes
made for most uncivil times
much like our own. We must confess
rights and wrongs we yet possess…

Half a millennium later on
a Baptist pastor and his son
took this noble Saxon name
and furthered the Reformer’s fame.
Some revisionists deny
St. Martin Luther’s role, and try
to minimize theology
in civil rights chronology.
The second Luther of my song
inspired—but did not last as long.
Social Justice notwithstanding,
King’s successors need re-branding.
Politicians steal his mantle,
cloak their lies in his example;
agitators claim his glory
editing God out of the story;
educators sing his praises
but some people’s conduct raises
doubts about that dream of King—
and hope… and change…  and everything.



Pressing Limericks


STOP the PRESSES while we pop the stresses!

EXtry, EXtry, read all about it:

Fake news pays dues to sing rural blues in red-state hues.
Nanny-state networks accuse & civil fury ensues !
See special edition on CIA sedition :

FAKE NEWS: it’s the virus du jour
of the global elitists. The poor
are more prone to believe
it’s a plot to deceive
and no government offers a cure.

The rural red states stand accused
By the quingdom whose queen they refused.
It’s so hillbilly-larious:
all of those various
voters now left unamused.

image: thepeoplescube