Of Debatable Importance

Italic drumroll…
imperial cavalcade with Roman horns, eagle standards raised;



Ye screen-fed sacrificial citizens, seething simpletons and volatile voters: attend now, with republican fervor, tempered by democratic zeal, to the golden-tongued orator of our epoch, gallant guardian of American greatness, avatar of avarice, the Jeffersonian gentleman, anointed autocrat and Sultan of Swell, windswept Wazir of Wonderful, emissary of towering eminence in empire;

the Anti H-Rod:  Donald  J.  TRUMP !

(Plebeians look up from their circus-bread for a second—)

And may Our Sovereign Savior & Almighty God 
also bless his worthy opponent and adversary:

HILLARY (a.k.a H-Rod )

(Patricians murmur, nod and whistle; a few salute…)

Hillary art by Sarah Sole @ rollingstone.com