Anti NaPoWriMo

As an alternative to National Poetry Month, I propose that we have an International Anti-Poetry month. As part of the activities, all verse in public places will be covered over—from the Statue of Liberty to the friezes on many of our government buildings. Poetry will be removed from radio and TV (just as it is during the other eleven months of the year). Parents will be asked not to read Mother Goose and other rimes to their children but only … fiction. Religious institutions will have to forego reading verse passages from the liturgy and only prose translations of the Bible will recited, with hymns strictly banned. Ministers in the Black churches will be kindly requested to stop preaching. Cats will be closed for the month by order of the Anti-Poetry Commission. Poetry readings will be replaced by self-help lectures. Love letters will have to be written only in expository paragraphs. Baseball will have to start its spring training in May. No vocal music will be played on the radio or sung in the concert halls. Children will have to stop playing all slapping and counting and singing games and stick to board games and football.

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April May Call the Tune

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The coming month showers us with significance
for solidarity with worthy causes:

Alcohol Awareness Month, 

Autism Awareness Month,

Confederate History Month,

Jazz Appreciation Month,

National Child Abuse Prevention Month,

National Poetry Month,

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

In response to this the cruelest of lunar cycles,
I shall again participate 
in National Poetry Writing Month

(For a challenging writing prompt,
try stringing all these noble causes together in one single poem…)

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The Reflected Glory: Sheba’s Throne

According to the holy Quran, Balqis heard about the wisdom of Prophet Solomon (Peace be upon him), and decided to visit his court after he invited her to abandon her old religion of worshipping the sun, and convert to worship God. She decided to overwhelm the wise Solomon with her fabulous gifts. Realizing that, the King managed to build a palace on the sea with a glass floor so pure that when she lifted her gown lest it touched the seawater. But what stunned her was to see her own, famous throne in front of her, so far away from where she left it.

from :  Women of Distinction: Balqis, Queen of Sheba