Esthetic Poetic Freak

I realize that what  interests and motivates me most in life [poetry, meditating on historic, cultural, archaeological and religious anomalies and legends] is useless, ponderously dull to most people, and, thank God, difficult to commercialize and commodify.  (Still, I’m sure some marketing genius out there could do it – the type who can sell spirituality and used mantras to the public.)

Really – I think I am a freak – or just a product of my upbringing and a Liberal Arts education.  I never planned on becoming  a poetic esthetic dreamer.  Somehow it just happened.


I couldn’t care less about sports [even though I used to play little league and soccer etc]. I never follow the Superbowl.  Why should I – since pro basketball bores me… same with the World Series, even though it used to move me almost to tears in 4th grade –

especially when the  Bruins won it.

I  couldn’t care less at this point who the latest disco-diva or film star is .  Couldn’t name 3 of them to save my life – and I like it that way. Wait – maybe I can;  Madonna Summer – she’s disco, right?  People (usually younger people) mention some TV show or some clothing brand or music group and get a blank stare from me.  Sometimes I nod and say “yeah, uh-huh”,  feigning  cognizance, but inwardly I am primal screaming.  Talk to me about film and I will mention Black Orpheus or Soy Cuba  or …well I did go to see Book of Eli at a theater, true – that was the first time in a cineplex theater in about 5 years. I liked Book of Eli – did you?  I  guess I need to just accept the fact that I am a total misfit esthete.  I can’t evade my destiny.  I am about as interested in the stuff most people love as they are in reading my favorite poetry or some 17th century theology – or coming to church with me on Sunday.  How did I get this way? Am I conceited? Am I venting or appraising myself realistically here? No idea. Are there others like me out there? Is it good or bad that I am like this? What makes it strange is how important all of this trivial (to me) stuff is to others in my nation. It fills sports bars and malls, employs many at People magazine, makes the wheels of U.S. consumer commerce spin – I know, I know.   I should care.    But I don’t.

So if 5 other people look at this blog and realize that someone else likes the same poetry as they do – or if someone encounters a poem for the first time and likes it, I have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.



4 comments on “Esthetic Poetic Freak

  1. gnick says:

    why is my icon always a stupid square mandala??? yeah, you=misfit. You probley misfit into your pants each morning. The only things I’m interested in are underground comix, new-wavey rock music (which at this point is probably less popular than obscure poetry) and making weird foods, like kimchi and super hotsauce. I’ve always been unable to get anything out of poetry. I tend to need some warmly distorted guitars/drums in order to “take my poetic medicine.”


  2. drew says:

    To answer your question Gnick-
    your icon is a stupid square mandala because YOU are a stupid square! You probably like underground comix, new-wavey rock music and weird foods. I bet you even listen to vinyl records . Kim Chi ?…duh. That is SO totally square. If you want I can give you a makeover so that you will stop liking such ridiculous things. Really – you need an image remake to get your brand out there. You will get more “hits” on your “webpage” resulting in more “money”. Just let me know.


  3. drew says:

    Actually no, Gnick, I am NOT a stupid square.
    I am a quilted geometric frame of sky-blue mathematical precision. And please control your childish outbursts here on my blog. Do you want the makeover or not? I accept Visa, Mastercard AND hot-sauce. I am willing to throw in a re -branding /marketing seminar for free. You really need to get global net-recognition – like me.


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