A Deuce of O.B.E.s

OK  – I realize that I am addicted to working on this blog, primitive as it is. Compared to other addictive tendencies I possess, this one is positive and therapeutic – so I better go with it.    Come with me.

This is a decentralized poetry blog. For me, poetry should be finely wrought, highly structured, rhythmic, rhyming mystery.  I also prefer a clear, enduring message in poetry rather than ephemeral observations or frivolous meanderings. Mystery conveying clear messages…hmmmm.  Poetic preferences  get harder to pin down as we try to define them.

I also  don’t want to go where Pablo Saborio goes. As an ex-Nihilist (yes, I am a Christian who still reads Nietzsche) I can say that I really like the graphic style of his blog, but there is too much word-collage and dark verborrhea there  for my taste. My island of intensity is situated in other seas and uncharted archipelagos.

What you are likely to find on my island of intensity: disjunctures, 17th/18th century poetry, musings on the lost civilization of Atlantis, semi-coherent superficial references to the Rhizomatic philosophy of Deleuze & Guattari , death-trips and resurrection epiphanies, highbrow, lowbrow, pop, surreal and psycho-art, rock’n’roll, Rastafari, delusions of grandeur with undercurrents of self-loathing,  smatterings of Romance language, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, etc.

Therefore, in the name of Poetry, today I bring you two Out of Body Experiences [OBEs].  (Isn’t that what good poetry should do – take us out of our bodies?)  Those of you who dismiss such things TURN BACK NOW.  You are not meant to be here. Go check out that cooking blog, or  scan the sports pages, OK?

The first is Howard Storm. Have you ever read a book that spoke so insightfully to you that you felt like buying a case from the publisher to distribute to all your friends? My Descent Into Death is one of those. Storm was an art history professor,  artist, and a declared atheist  – until a perforated ulcer in the City of Light took him down to hell, then up to Heaven, with the result that he became a  pastor. You can find many interviews with him on YouTube. They are highly recommended. Anne Rice [of vampire fame]wrote the foreword. You can read a lot of excerpts here. I return to this book over and over when overwhelmed with despair. Please read it.

The second is that of Ian McCormack. He was a New Zealander, and a surf bum, riding the wave of an Endless Summer existence – until he got stung five times by  Box Jellyfish.            One sting can be lethal to a grown adult. Here is a link to his testimony. It is an amazing read.   People – if  this stuff is true, if  these two men really lived these experiences, then a great reevaluation of the very foundations of our lives is called for. You can try to ignore these things but they are out there – these are only two OBEs. There are endless testimonies of this type.

Are you living your life today in light of Eternity – the absolute reality of eternity? Are you hoping it’s all just chemical dissociation due to physical stress? Do you immediately mock those who bring us these reports?

Yes – I AM preaching. Preaching is also a valuable form of poetry.

Preaching is a highly  esteemed art on my island of intensity.          Have a nice eternity.


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