Worst-case scenarios: ♪ A Pop Song ♫

Televised martyrdom broadcast for paying viewers on global cable. Reality TV shows where dissidents are tortured into confessing allegiance to the Antichrist state. Rome in the decadence happening live on everyone’s smartphones – except for the ones being murdered.

OR: Global Shariah law. Islam takes the West and methodically eliminates all resistance to their false God through genocide and religicide. Israel nuked to dust. Al Qaeda/Taliban mentality now becomes state-sanctioned status quo enshrined in theocracy.

OR: Solar flares and climate change bring about extreme cultural polarization: Christians quote the prophets – but One-World Gaia worshiping neo-pagans consolidate total control in order to revive human sacrifice. Those who oppose their aims & beliefs are the victims.
In the midst of this come ultraviolet-caused skin lesions, environmental chaos, famine/thirst, seismic disasters and mass death.

OR: China consolidates financial control of weakened west, impose Maoist ideology on U.S. even as they plunder our resources to establish new global Mandarin Dynasty in alliance of convenience with Islamic Tyrant-states. All non-compliant citizens executed or herded into work/reeducation camps such as now exist in North Korea.

OR: Fallen angels posing as intergalactic helpers of humanity from the 12th planet Nabiru arrive on strife-torn planet earth promising peace. They join with Atlantean 5th column to inaugurate the New Age of cosmic unity –
but their REAL unspoken purposes are more nefarious and evil.

Enough of that
back to contemplating my Hello Kitty lunchbox

Hello Kitty


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