Woe unto you, screen-scrolling phone-addicted text-addled children


Please put your phone away. Now.

Come on. Put it down –  good girl.

Now take one step.
No – no you can’t have it back just yet…
Follow me – forget about the phone for a moment.

Over here – to the window.
See over there? That is called “The Horizon”.

Now you try saying it. Good. Good job. You are intelligent.
You are such a big girl !   I’m proud of you.

See the dawn coming over the distant hills? That is called “Eternal Truth”.
Try saying it. Stop scowling now – you look so silly and ugly when you do that…

See all of this? It was created by Almighty God.
God loves you. Yes, He does…

Here – now you can have your smartphone back.


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