Praise Jahoviah – It’s Armagideon

Here at ConnectHook it’s ALWAYS  Armagideon !

So make your calling and election sure, brothers and sisters.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, consider the differences in these two versions:

First the original Jamaican version by Willie Williams from 1978,
then the Clash version produced by Mikey Dread in 1979.

The Clash, being a bunch of atheist revolutionary posers,
changed some lines of lyrics:

Remember to praise Jahoviah, and He will guide you  / in this Iration
it’s armagideon
  Remember to kick it over / no one will guide you…armagideon time…

I like the ghostly dub of the Mikey Dread/Clash version – but the Biblical words of the original are more righteous…

Have a pleasant Armagideon – and have faith in JAHOVIAH.

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2 comments on “Praise Jahoviah – It’s Armagideon

  1. gregP says:

    I like brother Willie’s Armagideon better-
    Yeah! praise Jahovah!


    • drew says:

      Amen. Jah-Jahoviah sent Yeshua Christos into the world to destroy the works of Satan, and He is prophet, priest and king forever.
      Just ask Haile Selassie.
      The Clash had some great sound effects though…


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