¡ Viva Colón !

…or whatever the Genovese admiral’s name was.

On this auspicious day, CONNECT/HOOK brings you two jewels of agit-prop.

Maldición del Malinche is a tragically beautiful song, and Soy Cuba is visually compelling – I think these two offerings complement each other today.

You can figure it out from here, as the good mariner did.
Discover new worlds – but don’t sail over the edge of the old one on your way…


I sing the Mariner who first unfurl’d
An eastern banner o’er the western world,
And taught mankind where future empires lay
In these fair confines of descending day;
Who sway’d a moment, with vicarious power,
Iberia’s sceptre on the new found shore,
Then saw the paths his virtuous steps had trod
Pursued by avarice and defiled with blood,
The tribes he foster’d with paternal toil
Snatch’d from his hand, and slaughter’d for their spoil.

Slaves, kings, adventurers, envious of his name,
Enjoy’d his labours and purloin’d his fame,
And gave the Viceroy, from his high seat hurl’d.
Chains for a crown, a prison for a world
Long overwhelm’d in woes, and sickening there,
He met the slow still march of black despair,
Sought the last refuge from his hopeless doom,
And wish’d from thankless men a peaceful tomb:
Till vision’d ages, opening on his eyes,
Cheer’d his sad soul, and bade new nations rise;
He saw the Atlantic heaven with light o’ercast,
And Freedom crown his glorious work at last…

[from: The Columbiad, Book I , by Joel Barlow, published in 1807]

2 comments on “¡ Viva Colón !

  1. luciesmoker says:

    I enjoyed the song and the Colombiad but couldn’t get the other one to play. Around here, the preference is to not refer to Colombus at all, in response to the false legends if old. But this is so much more powerful. Thank you.


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