Body vs. Antibody

“There is one Tradition, one Body (made of actual works that comprise a recognized canon) and not two. We can see this logically: there is one universe and we can divide the universe up in any number of ways without violating the idea of one universe, and so, without quibbling about the fluctuating content of the Tradition, we acknowledge with simple logic the Tradition as definitionally one.

Waiting impatiently in the wings, of course, is the “other” tradition, waiting for its moment on stage, the anti-tradition, the new tradition, the different tradition, etc, etc, the inevitable shadow  to the body.”

These words from Scarriet refer to the antagonistic dynamic between the accepted poetic canon opposed by subversive, deconstructive Modernity in poetry.
But they also perfectly describe the relationship between *orthodox Christianity (the True Church which is the Body of Christ) and the Gnostic/Mystic/New Age/Liberationist interpretations which seek to subvert and redefine orthodox doctrine).

*By “Orthodox” I mean what most Christians across all denominations can agree on concerning essentials of the faith.


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