¡ Viva el LIMERICK !

Un joven Marxista peludo
(mejor dicho: tirano barbudo)
adornó camisetas,
también pantaletas –
irónico chiste agudo.

Maldito malandro Guevara
alabado por voz y guitarra,
fue la gran obra-maestra
(pero no de la diestra)
y queda la pata con garra.

A Marxist Messiah named CHE
was mistaken (by night) for the Day.
Bringing light to the masses
(who wore their sunglasses)
the luminance faded away…

The image of CHE on a shirt
always triggers my right to assert
that the crime of the Left
is not property theft,
but Idolatry: blind and overt.

The communist rock-star Ernesto
never dreamed that his mug would be blessed so –
re-branded revision,
immune to derision.
Would history ever have guessed so?

The militant monogram CHE
was perceived as the herald of day-
from a murderous tyrant
to Christ-like aspirant:
reality withered away.


6 comments on “¡ Viva el LIMERICK !

  1. BeleagueredServant says:

    Mister Drew
    This is too true.


    • drew says:

      Are you doing NaPoWriMo 2014 ?


      • BeleagueredServant says:

        I am not. You?


      • drew says:

        Yes. My first time. But I feel like I’m cheating – because I’m not actually coming up with the stuff on the spot. I’m just bringing out one of the drafts I had at my dashboard every day.

        Actually I don’t even believe in that whole “scrawl-it-out-in-an-inspired-frenzy” school of poetry. I think poems should be worked, re-worked, and finessed a bit before inflicting them on the public.
        Do you write yours all at once or work them up verse by verse?


      • BeleagueredServant says:

        I write weeks in advance and schedule a publish date and time. Then I scramble around for days rewriting them because the clock is ticking until publishing.


      • drew says:

        Ha Ha yes. Sounds familiar. I am an obsessive poetry-blogger. I waste hours changing font sizes, color of type, putting in links or fussing over placement of an image…I’m a mess that way but I have lots of creative fun.
        Then no one even reads it !


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