Poetry Quiz


☺Poetry IS:

A) verbal catharsis in written form

B) finely-crafted phrases

C) pure language springing from the subconscious

D) structured rhythmic speech in writing

E) none of the above


☹ Poetry IS NOT:

A) cryptic academic twaddle

B) lame attempts at rhyming

C) lyrical diarrhea

D) identity politics in print form

E) all of the above


☻ Poetry is taught in school:

A) to inoculate students against ever liking it

B) to maintain the patriarchal status quo

C) to open minds to broader vistas of uselessness

D) as a superficial substitute for religious experience

E) to sell more textbooks


TRUE or FALSE   (circle one):

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.

   T      F  


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