All Hallows Even

 every atom

A face from the chambers  –  I couldn’t connect it

Like Dante’s Beatrice, beatific in black

Loquacious you weren’t – but I’ve come to expect it

How lovely to see you – it threw me off track.sixes & sevens

As our foliage withers and winter approaches

Let casting of shadows be gone from your art.

Lighten up, dark enchantress. Such coldness reproaches me.

Open your sepulcher, spirit and heart.Hallow

Will another bad poem, addressed to your Highness

Suffice to start thawing the frost in your soul?

Ennobling it isn’t, this taciturn shyness…

Vampire girl – be a sociable witch;Carefree Daze

Even necrophiles hope for a smile, or a twitch.

Not your corpse, just your friendship tonight is the goal.

 Hallows Eve Pumpkin


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