I Often Wonder



what I am doing wrong (poetically)?

I write from the heart and post my best –
then notice how other blogs get lots of likes for seeming tripe…

Do I have to feed TwitFace and offer a FaceGram share?
Did I neglect to check the box on some vapid social media setting?

What the holy lyrical hell has blogging come to?
Is asking fellow word-addicts to READ what I write too much?

It only confirms my suspicion that CONTENT has taken a reluctant back seat to insta-digestibility.

Please advise.



4 comments on “I Often Wonder

  1. Beleaguered Servant says:

    You may be right.


  2. Andrew says:

    Some blogs are spooky – as if there is no human behind them and they are just fine-tuning the robotic data-driven appeal…do you get those garbled yet vaguely encouraging messages from marketers (or worse) who sound like non-English-speakers feigning interest?

    Not sure how well I understand Quid Pro Quo…is that like ” I scratch your back”, etc?


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