Strike the Prose

I wonder sometimes
why droll observations;
recollections of a personal and
sometimes confessional nature,
(interesting enough in themselves – if well-written),
get called “poems” when broken up by
weird line spacing. Nothing against
descriptive prose –
but I don’t think it is truly
Poetry. You can call it that
if you want; I don’t


8 comments on “Strike the Prose

  1. Dang it, you’re on to me.


  2. LOL! I like that. I really enjoy descriptive prose, but it’s not quite poetry, is it?

    I saw this in a shop window, “I before E except after C. Weird, huh?” Just one of those brain teasers that has you searching for a hidden meaning.

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  3. colonialist says:

    I do agree. In fact, much of the acclaimed blank verse would, to my mind, be improved by removing all the silly stops.

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