The Poet Speaks Through His Ass

“What did I just hear?” replied Zarathustra. “What wisdom in kings! I am delighted and, verily, even feel the desire to make a rhyme on this – even if it should be a rhyme which is not fit for everybody’s ears. I have long become unaccustomed to any consideration for long ears. Well then!” (But at this point it happened that the ass too got in a word; but he said clearly and with evil intent, Yea-Yuh.)

Once-in the year of grace number one, I think
The Sibyl said, drunken without any drink,
‘Now everything goes wrong! Oh, woe!
Decay! The world has never sunk so low!
Rome sank to whoredom and became a stew,
The Caesars became beasts, and God – a Jew!’

Thus Spoke Zarathustra , Part IV
Walter Kaufmann translation from


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