Popery Entertained ♗ (Chiefly Ironical)


Dr. John H. Rice, with the intuition of a great mind,
warned Presbyterians against a renewed prevalence of popery
in our Protestant land.

This was when it was so insignificant among us as to be almost unnoticed. Many were surprised at his prophecy, and not a few mocked; but time has fulfilled it. Our leaders from 1830 to 1860 understood well the causes of this danger. They were diligent to inform and prepare the minds of their people against it. Hence General Assemblies and Synods appointed annual sermons upon popery, and our teachers did their best to arouse the minds of the people. Now, all this has mainly passed away, and we are relaxing our resistance against the dreaded foe just in proportion as he grows more formidable. It has become the fashion to condemn controversy and to affect the widest charity for this and all other foes of Christ and of souls. High Presbyterian authority even is quoted as saying, that henceforth our concern with Romanism should be chiefly ironical!

from: The Attractions of Popery
by R.L. Dabney, Presbyterian Quarterly, April, 1894.

A veritable potpourri of Popery:



IMAGE:  Study after Veláquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X (1953) by Francis Bacon




7 comments on “Popery Entertained ♗ (Chiefly Ironical)

  1. colonialist says:

    That little conflict is really the complete epitome of very much ado about less than nothing.

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