A Real “Nomadic War-Machine”: ISIS

What a sad irony for the deceased philosopher Gilles Deleuze.
After all the Gallic philosophical ranting, it turns out that an Islamo-Fascist army turned his theory into praxis in the name of their murderous moon-god and became what he described. And they probably never even heard of him.

(The I.D.F. also use his stuff  – but they give him credit ! )





3 comments on “A Real “Nomadic War-Machine”: ISIS

  1. colonialist says:

    Appropriately, ‘Sis’ (or ‘Sies’) is South African slang from Afrikaans as an expression of disgust as when looking at vomit.
    With Gilles, you win some, Deleuze some.

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    • Andrew says:

      Colonialist – do you mean the “sis” is evoked by Deleuze – or by Isis, IDF, or perhaps by my poetry?
      Your comment is interesting but I don’t follow it exactly…


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