Cumbiamazingly Covered !


Me gusta LA CUMBIA .

 La Sonora Dinamita‘s songs are faithfully covered
by this Guatemalan tribute band.
Incredible energy and musicianship
(some of the dancers are a bit uncovered however…)


After much painstaking research, both musical and cultural, with the objective of bringing you, my connected and faithful readers, the best of everything, I made a troubling discovery: it would appear that due to the international fame of Colombia’s SONORA DINAMITA  (yes – the group that sings all those vulgar dance-tunes with the sleazy word-play and horns, them…) a host of tribute bands, imitators, and outright frauds have sprung up, trying to pass themselves off as the original lineup to paying audiences from L.A. to Bogota and back. Such rhythmic outrage must cease. But until then— enjoy this amazing and technically precise live show by one of the usurper groups [la orquesta de Any Velasquez]. I enjoy the absurd juxtaposition of the dancing, sweaty band women (who are doing the hard work) with the breezy fashion models in bikinis as they stride through beach landscapes in designer shades or gyrate in swimming pools. It’s a bit like the parallel plot in Midsummer Night’s Dream between the prosaic stage players (Bottom & crew– which could be a pun in this context) and the airy fairies (Titania/Oberon & friends). But I digress. I actually stumbled upon La Sonora Dinamita indirectly when I bought a CD in Mexico City in 1998 by one of these Sonora D. knock-off bands doing an extended soulless version of their greatest hits to a synthetic rhythm track. I noticed how hilariously ribald the lyrics were and when I hummed a line to my Spanish teacher she informed me that the original song was a classic recorded many years before the CD that I possessed. Remember those “K-Tel presents” albums advertised on TV in the 70’s which were NOT the real thing ? My CD was one of those. But it’s hard to know all this stuff when you are just a gringo.

I am not sure how Cumbia can be tied into Christmas, but believe you me:
ConnectHook will find a way.




9 comments on “Cumbiamazingly Covered !

  1. My husband and I are totally obsessed with Columbian t.v. right now and one of the things we enjoy most is the music. I enjoyed this.

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    • Andrew says:

      Once again you surprise me.
      Funny to think of you and your husband watching Novelas !! (I can’t stand them…)

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      • It’s funny for me to think I am so surprising! lol! I don’t like the ones put out by Telemundo but I do enjoy the Columbian historias. You know, New Mexico’s history includes Patrons and was part of the same feudal system that governed Colombia. I grew up around some of those Patrons who lost their land grants but maintained power in other ways by adaptation. So, there is much about Medellin and Bogota that relates to the culture I knew growing up around Santa Fe and the other ancient villages of the surrounding area that is nostalgic for me. I love the landscape and the art used on the sets and I’m also, interested in seeing that side of the drug-trade, from that point of view. The Colombian version of Breaking Bad has full-circle interest, as I spent a lot of time in ‘Buquerque, experienced some of that Breaking Bad stuff back in the seventies, and I think it was inspired by historias and tela novelas. My husband and I also, get very involved in comparing the historias to actual written history. So…things are what you make of them, you know.:0)

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  2. They just need shades and it would be like…South American Blues Brothers only, not blues, the image.:0)

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  3. Andrew says:

    Like Blues Brothers – yes; but female and moving their biology around in an extremely rhythmic way ☺

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  4. EEEhola! :0) I wasn’t looking at the women, I meant the guys in their suits and hats, they just need shades. I can see we have very different perspectives on life.;0)

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  5. Andrew says:

    Pam I just re-read your reference above to S.F. NM –
    are you of Spanish/Mexican heritage or are you a Gringa? Just wondering.


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