April’s Flowers

NaPo2016 roof

Thank you everyone who visited ConnectHook during National Poetry Writing Month 2016

Original poems posted in April:

1. Another Fool For April
2. Octaves Off-Key
3. Dark Side in Light
4. For Culrd Grlz who Yak on Phonz (when Afro-Silence iz Enuf)
5. Beatles Breakdowns
6. Switch the Flip
7. Samuel’s Anointed
8. Hard Cell
9. Parabolic Receptors
10. El papito in Babylon
11. Yes We (in) CAN (tation)
12. Rainbows End
13. Pierced for Your Own Transgressions
14. Closing Time
15. Don’t Shoot: The Return of Jimmy Justice
16. Outcome-Based Appeal
17. Farewell, Welfare
18. Symphony for the Moon-God
19. Professional Indian
20. La Fabulosa
21. Casually Sensibly Clad
22. Dual Airbags
23. Row VS. Wade
24. Church-o-rama³
25. I’m OK: Best Life Now
26. Sabean Inscription
27. High Coup
28. Some War Over the Rainbow
29. Hail Churchianity
30. Devaluated Data


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