Burning Limericks

Reflections on Psalm 97

Good Shepherd ? He’s more a flame-thrower
this reaper who doubles as sower
While His psalms hold our gaze
Holy fires will blaze…
He remains an unknown to the knower.

Though the psalmist prophetically blazed
some residual doubts are still raised:
the good shepherd and sower
now armed with flame-thrower
both scorches—and leaves one amazed.

Our Lord is a reaper and sower
Spreading light via holy flame-thrower.
While His readership gazed
expectations were razed:
there were less burning standards to lower.

The Muse has taken
a Haiku. Till she returns,
I’ll ride her bike-u



3 comments on “Burning Limericks

  1. Nice one Andrew.:0) Nothing like the Holy Spirit and scripture to make us see ourselves as we are.

    Liked by 1 person

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