Palace of Sin

… a vast arena opened to my view,
in which I saw at one glance every imaginable species of vice,
forms and fashions of human society, government, clans,
and all the varied phases and forms of worship…
Marietta Davis

Ah…the dazzling lies in the palace of sin

As they glitter and swirl in their costumes of light

How they mirror the rays of the evil within

Masquerading as life to the spiritless sight.

How they leap on the set of hypocrisy’s stage

In their costumes of spectacle, cheered by the dead

As the judgment draws nearer in quickening rage

And the cast of the night turns a darkening red

I would turn, if I could, from this tragic mistake

Having warned them at least of their duty to choose

Between Life or its image, infernally fake.

But their souls have grown sterile – they’ve nothing to lose

And I’m rapt in the drama; they paid at the door

To applaud and partake of the heavenly whore…


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