All poetry ©  ConnectHook

POEMS on a variety of scintillating  & diverse  topics:

A Chicken in Every Pol Pot


Betting on the Races: Dark Horse

Boring Old Militant Marxist Farts

Christ Massed

Cuneiform: Textual Intercourse

Dada Dethroned

Deleuzional: a dual schiz-flow elegy

Fake News Wets Bed

Hands Up, Ferguson

Hung on a Psychosociolinguistic Scaffold

Hush yo’ Puppies, Grit yo’ Greens


It’s the Bees Knees

Jungle Smile

Lines Composed
upon the Finished Perusal of a Large Volume of Poetry

Lines for LeRoi Jones (The Imamu)

Margaret Sanger Enters Into Hell

Marilyn WHO ?

Ode to Alex Jones

Owed to a Caulk Gun

Planet of the Smartphones

Suicide by Diversity: an epitaph

The Amazing Muses’ Amusing Mazes

The Fowl is Fair

The Lip-Glossed Bimbo Network News

To a Progressive Poet

¡ Viva el CHE !      ¡ Viva el limerick !


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