Aping Our Apologist


Jane of the Jungle (she’s all good)
charmed our world as Darwin’s daughter.
Anglican primates notwithstood,
her leaky theories held some water.

Streams of ngombe, sacred cows
were celebrated. What were these
to which the simian cosmos bows?
Irrelevant hypotheses.

Selecting great apes (naturally)
Miss Misanthrope researched, with love;
her theories, stated factually,
were hailed as truth from God above.

Hoping for reason, shadowing Man
the graybeards came for tempting fruit
unaware of their part in the plan:
to be used, like tools (but more hirsute).

Termites on a slender stalk
delighted hungry primate souls.
Her ripe bananas were the talk
of primatological controls.

Peeling off; mzungu starkness
starred the Tanzanian night.
Chimping out, she lit the darkness
claiming scientific right.

Sweating out the Tarzan fever,
naming names while hugging apes,
let us, laughing, love and leave her
to her anthropoid escapes.


King Kong was to film
as bananas are to fruit:
not yet deemed racist.



Evilution of Lion-Monkeys


graphics and inspiration from atlanteanconspiracy.com

(yeah baby !  flat earthists ROCK I SAW  the Big Bang XXX )


☺ observable

☺ testable

☺ repeatable

☺ falsifiable (?)

Primate Pitfalls and Simian No-nos


When discussing music lyrics in an evolutionary context with other primates on the internet, one must keep certain points in mind:

Monkeys, particularly those of the great ape family, often feel slighted and misinterpret your commentary in unforeseen ways. Remember, there is much that a human being takes for granted in conversing digitally with apes—which may not be self-evident to the primate in question. Monkeys and especially the Great Apes will often react with rage when simple responses to their statements (particularly articulate analyses) are made using clear though not necessarily highly academic speech and vocabulary. For example, a simple friendly question such as “Hello there Mr. Chimpanzee, is that a tasty banana you are eating?” may elicit angry grunts and howls of fury due to a simple misunderstanding. A second example is as follows. A male researcher may offer a bit of friendly help to a female Orangutan, and, especially if the ape is attractive, she may fly into a rage and attempt to avenge the perceived affront to her gender by uprooting small trees and beating the male human over the head. Monkeys often mistake use of clear diction and clear sentence formation as a personal attack or an insult to their grammatical prowess. When discussing Darwinian concepts with monkeys, please be careful. Monkeys can bite—and often do when reacting emotionally to arguments that were meant to be informative and of mutual  edification and pleasure. In fact, until you build rapport with an ape, it is probably best to keep the conversation fairly superficial; stuff like “are Queens of the Stone Age better than Chalice of Doom” or “what do you think of Drake’s studio mixing compared to K.R.I.T” ?  Later on in the relationship you can talk evolutionary Darwinistic biology with an ape—but trust through genuine friendship must be gained first. Another important point regards attempting to soothe an upset ape at an internet music forum:  NEVER EVER try to be forgiving and extra-polite when dealing with an enraged simian. This will often compound their emotional frenzy and some monkeys have been known to burst right through your computer screen, fangs frothing and hurling rotten fruit, stones, even their own excrement. If you find yourself in a heated discussion with an insulted primate, it is best to use simple short responses and statements such as  “I hear you bro” or “no problem dude—my bad”.

I hope these basic guidelines for interacting with monkeys and apes at internet music sites will be of use to you. Enjoy all the great music out there, folks. And feel free to share your insights with our friends the wild primates!

( inspired by this great music website )

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The Selection of Sex and Descent in Relation to Man


…in every visible character man differs less from the higher apes,
than these do from the lower members of the same order of Primates.

Charles Darwin, 1871

The Other claims descent from apes
then acts like a violent monkey.
It pillages, it loots and rapes
performing as Satan’s flunkey.

Its actions bear the mark of Cain;
brandishing cameras, smashing things.
We feel its proto-human pain
yet dread the urban woe it brings.

It tries to justify, with words
its primal carnage, childish rage.
With anthropoid designs deferred
it struts the Darwinian stage.

The higher primate government
rewards them well in ripe bananas
for wrecking their environment
(jungle as well as savannas).

Their mate selection (naturally):
a semi-simian solution:
intercoursing sexually,
to hasten their evolution.

The wombs enlarge – they drop their young
then text their friends while getting high.
They swing from tree-tops, fling their dung –
while down below the humans sigh.


Painting: Fallen Mias, 2000. Walton Ford (b. 1960)
Watercolor, gouache, ink and pencil on paper, 60 ½” x 119 ¾ ”
New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, CT