Reset to Eden

Each day reminds me that I am depraved

fixated, titillated still with sin

and thinking I’m smart, I’ve ranted and raved

only to wake up again in this skin

wondering if I am actually saved.

Behold the deep cesspool I find within:

unhallowed Self, to whom I am enslaved,

doomed to start over every day.  Begin

again Lord Christ, that sanctifying work

you promised to accomplish through your Word.

Kill the vipers that in our garden lurk;

tell of your blood and all that it conferred.

Explain—as on the road to Emmaus;

or dull mortality may dismay us.

insanely bent on multi-
cultural suicide


Maasai Good News

Road to Kilimanjaro

I recently read Faster Beats the Drum by Gladys Stauffacher.
It described how the Africa Inland Mission brought the Gospel into East Africa in the early 1900s. I also read Road to Kilimanjaro recently. Both books describe the land and people of Kenya, where my family lived for about 6 years during the 1970’s.  It is encouraging to see how the Gospel of Christ has spread since the pre-WWI era described in these two books. The lives of these missionaries of the early 1900’s are inspiring. YouTube bears witness to their work in the vibrant faith of the peoples of Kenya! Just type in “Kenya Gospel” and you will find songs of every major ethnic group exalting the risen Lord Jesus Christ. Every tribe, every nation, every tongue –  HALLELUJAH.

Veiled / Unveiled

[From: Reformation Lady]

In summary then, everything, absolutely everything, EVEN our own SIN serves a redemptive purpose in our lives, through Christ, that we may see Him more, and more, and more, until that final day, when we behold His glorious, astounding, creation-remaking beauty, unveiled in our sight.

THIS is simply astonishingthat Christ would turn the very outworking of our wicked hearts and rebellion into that which no longer condemns us but is part of the very process of our final redemption and salvation. In Christ when we repent, our sin no longer damns us before God because our debt has been propitiated (set aside) by the payment He made through His death. Instead, our sin is a useful tool in His hands for our own sanctification. Is there ANYTHING more ASTOUNDING than this? What a glorious Gospel, what a gracious God.
Dear believer, never, ever get over the work of Christ on your behalf and in you!

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 Black veiled “When darkness veils His lovely face
I rest on His unchanging grace;
In every high and stormy gale,
My anchor holds within the veil.”

from: Streams in the Desert