Pardon My French


Reformed Limericks for your erudite perusal:

You may cover the stench with a potpourri—
while you gag, as you finger your rosary.
Sacrosanct nourriture…
or decayed pourriture?
(Other patrons might label it Popery.)

Though the tepidly Protestant matron
of a church that is stagnant and state-run
does not care about Luther,
We’ll bother to truth her
with Calvin or Knox as our patron.

Though the Vatican’s bottomless coffers
make some very un-Lutheran offers,
I would rather talk Tetzel
(with beer and a pretzel)
and drink with the rebels and scoffers.

We forget that the birth of the Kirk
was a vicious, un-Catholic work
One recalls Bloody Mary…
and Knox was no faerie.
His doctrine drove Satan berserk.

Many chairmen, deficient in wit
who on flimsy theologies sit
with no justification
hate predestination,
reviling it more than a bit.

Barthelemy (in French: St. Bartholomew)
was unpleasant, as most of the martyrs knew
Roman Catholic correction
or violent deception?
In heaven, they’re getting the overview…

People gag, and then murmur the rosary
seeking solace in incense or potpourri
you must pardon my French
but this damnable stench
smells like nothing so much as like Popery.


Rastafari live !
JAH bless all the Haiku, dem.
Haile Selassie

Pressing Limericks


STOP the PRESSES while we pop the stresses!

EXtry, EXtry, read all about it:

Fake news pays dues to sing rural blues in red-state hues.
Nanny-state networks accuse & civil fury ensues !
See special edition on CIA sedition :

FAKE NEWS: it’s the virus du jour
of the global elitists. The poor
are more prone to believe
it’s a plot to deceive
and no government offers a cure.

The rural red states stand accused
By the quingdom whose queen they refused.
It’s so hillbilly-larious:
all of them various
voters now left unamused.

image: thepeoplescube