Mad Maxine: Road Rage

Toxic waters. They flow from Maxine . . .
like a sewer—you know what I mean.
She’s a James Brown in drag,
this illiberal hag
who pollutes and infects every scene.


More Russian Collusion from MAXINE WATERS here


Sacrificial Limerick

There was a cold limerick one time
whose rick was removed from its lime.
While not quite a Lime Ricky,
its flavor was tricky
and sacrificed taste to the rhyme.

Last day of April:
poetry was flowing like wine—
but I prefer beer . . .


Syrious Limericks

Though the chemical gas was a fable,
rebel terror we’ll arm and enable;
we will kick their Assad
with some help from Mossad
and create something TRULY unstable.

Little victims, all Syrian-bred,
look pathetic: so small, nearly dead.
Lack of documentation
won’t dampen our nation;
from YouTube to bombing we’re led.

War-hawks pause for no burden of proof.
Show a whimpering child and then— poof !
They, rush in, like a fool
using Trump as their tool.
He’s been militarized. What a goof.

Aprilizing Insta-Poets

WHY IS THE POETRY WORLD pretending that poetry is not an art form? I refer to the rise of a cohort of young female poets who are currently being lauded by the poetic establishment for their ‘honesty’ and ‘accessibility’—buzzwords for the open denigration of intellectual engagement and rejection of craft that characterises their work. The short answer is that artless poetry sells.

Rebecca Watts: The Cult of the Noble Amateur




The Sun and her flowers By Rupi Kaur pdf ebook free download

A poetess/princess, Miss Kaur

Was promoted through publishing’s power.

Scrawling lines for a hobby,

This perky Punjabi

Turned rupees to dollars per hour.