Liberating April

She stirs in her cell, unaware she’s free

The keyboards start to click in joyous dread;

For you, O useless reader, hold the key

To rouse this sleeping prisoner from her bed.

Accustomed to her dull imprisoned state

Unused to warmth, she babbles in her cage

She fears, at first, the freedom to create;

Awakening, our muse begins to rage

Across the warming threshold into light,

She strides as verses blossom on the page

To chastise and put winter’s ghosts to flight.

The thawing wind! She shakes her golden hair

And lyric pollination seeds the air . . .


April: National Poetry Month

I have participated in National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) since 2014. I usually work on drafts of poems during the year and post them during April. This year my poetic rationale has been transformed from that of previous years. For 2019 I plan to try to follow some of the prompts, though perhaps not all. I have a hard time putting poems out there that have not been obsessively worked on, so this year will be a change for me. I prefer structured rhymed verse to free verse, but I am going to attempt some less-structured writing this year. Here is my prefatory April poem from 2017:


Name that metaphor (half-assed boating)

Polish the brass on your life preserver

Wring out some meaning for dockside observer:

Moorings are tenuous; life is floating.


Poetic Approaches

This is my fifth year posting a poem per day during April
for National Poetry Writing Month.

I must qualify my participation; I am bringing forth poems already written but never posted publicly.

Once I believed that creative souls produce their most authentic work in a frenzy of inspiration. This is the modern myth of the Artist as oracle or prophet; a being so special she/he just has to get it out there in one inspired spasm. To alter or to edit the art is to make it less authentic; it is spasmodically delivered in finished form (rather like vomiting or excretion). But as I matured poetically and reconsidered things I moved away from this model. I realized that stream-of-consciousness dribbles, spurts, rants and visionary diatribes make for boring art. A different approach to poetry stresses craftsmanship, structure, and goes against the model of Artist as mystically-inspired Other.  It is also message-oriented. I represent this second tendency.

I am not writing one-a-day for April in response to prompts. These are drafts I have been saving for National Poetry Month. I have been reworking, polishing, and finishing these poems for my readers. They have been faithfully and obsessively crafted.

 And remember:
When you own the POETRY

the POETRY owns YOU !