April’s Flowers

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Thank you everyone who visited ConnectHook during National Poetry Writing Month 2016

Original poems posted in April:

1. Another Fool For April
2. Octaves Off-Key
3. Dark Side in Light
4. For Culrd Grlz who Yak on Phonz (when Afro-Silence iz Enuf)
5. Beatles Breakdowns
6. Switch the Flip
7. Samuel’s Anointed
8. Hard Cell
9. Parabolic Receptors
10. El papito in Babylon
11. Yes We (in) CAN (tation)
12. Rainbows End
13. Pierced for Your Own Transgressions
14. Closing Time
15. Don’t Shoot: The Return of Jimmy Justice
16. Outcome-Based Appeal
17. Farewell, Welfare
18. Symphony for the Moon-God
19. Professional Indian
20. La Fabulosa
21. Casually Sensibly Clad
22. Dual Airbags
23. Row VS. Wade
24. Church-o-rama³
25. I’m OK: Best Life Now
26. Sabean Inscription
27. High Coup
28. Some War Over the Rainbow
29. Hail Churchianity
30. Devaluated Data


Open it, Clown


Our solution, then, is to open the box.

And when we do, we find it’s not a coffin, but a buzzing hive, whether you can see the resident poet-bees working inside or not. Rather than rehashing arguments that have been made a thousand times, I propose a logical conclusion: if you have to keep declaring, over and over, that poetry is dead, it can’t actually be dead. Poetry can’t possibly die if people keep talking about it, and announcing its supposed death counts as conversation. And in the meantime, the poets buzz on, crafting and creating, regardless of what internet bloggers, journalists or social critics have to say.

Chrissy Montelli: Gandydancer.org

Más Repostería, por favor



I’m going to shamelessly self-promote for a while.

? ( you may ask)…
Well… if I don’t self-promote, who else will do it?
Therefore I will be re-posting original poems in the coming weeks
until I get tired of doing so.

As always, loyal and devoted connectees,
you have the RIGHT to be OFFENDED
(or bored).

 ☠ ☭  

Poetry – or Worthless Arse-Dribble?

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‘You can set yourself new rules or you can write with no structure for a particular poem and it can be very wonderful; I just think it’s so much harder and so much less fun than using existing forms,’ he said.

‘In the same way if you want to go to the guitar and make a noise without using the chord structure, you’re welcome to, but don’t ask me to be in the room with you. The chances are that it will be horrible unless you happen to have extraordinary natural human gifts.’

from: Modern verse/ just gets worse/ … and worse  

The Guardian online