Walkaway (Toward Constitution)

This public service announcement brought to you by

Russian Bots Obeying Orders from Putin



Wagnerian Trumpets

No Cyrus he, this Angloid king from Queens;
In hate, they big him up to take a fall.
His eagle visage loads the magazines
Provoking hissy-fits of Fake-News gall.
Despised by half; notorious to all
And goading on his foes’ hysteric scenes
A hail of Hitler insults hits the wall
Unleashed by frothing cows and clueless teens.
Such overused hyperbole grows weak,
And tirades, through inflation, lose their worth
To finally miss the target that they seek—
While nations on the face of God’s green earth
(countries that define themselves with borders)
Appallingly parade their own disorders.