Cyrillic Phillippic

I, mere minion and Russophile gremlin
subversive, Putinista, right-wing stooge
  take my orders from God and the Kremlin.
Trust me (in Russian).  We’re going to be YUGE.



That Bohemian Singin’ in Cellars

Peter Sellers (as Lenny Goonagan) sounds like Bob Dylan – in 1959 !

ha ha ha :

  • you been hittin’ my LEG some of the time…
  • from his waistline to his neckline was the well-known Cumberland Gap…
  • and you know man somethin’?  I dig BRUBECK
  • one that’s got a bit of a DRAPE in the back…

(…and lots of other funnies ! )
Thanks to Malcalum for sharing this buried treasure.