Semaphoric Sophomoric

You’re damned and doomed.
Your soul’s not saved.
Virtue-signal all you want…
the road to Folly, fully paved
is Fool’s Gold gleaming all the way.
Virtue’s valiant vanguard, you…
the banner of surrender waved;
Facebook-friendly memes of mention
pointing to your selfish cause:
socially just desserts. Attention
paid to certain liberal flaws.
Virtue-signalling to the flock
gesturing, gesticulating;
hieroglyphics of deceit.
You’re up for take-down, ours to mock,
bleating to your followers, prating—
well-assured in your conceit.



And immediately there fell from his eyes as it had been scales:
and he received sight forthwith…        [Acts 9:18]

When judges decipher what lawyers speak,
offended defendants may leave confused.
Legalese labyrinths capture the weak;
Babylon’s law makes for justice refused.
Enshrined at the ziggurat’s doubtful peak
tyrannic gibberish mocks the accused.
He blinks at the courtroom, bewildered freak
as sentences are uttered unrecused.
Cuneiform marks… codified patter—
who dares define such esoteric terms;
in Heaven’s eyes does it even matter ?
While the sacrificial defendant squirms,
Justice, unblinded, lifts higher the sword 
unscaled eyes beholding—her gaze restored.

Study chimpanzees
if you want to find out more
about humankind.